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1 - Short wins.

There's something about 2:45 mins

Parmonic's analysis of over 500,000+ B2B videos shows that 3-minutes is the magic mark for informational videos. Want more people to click play? Keep it at 2:45 mins.

This beautiful scatterplot shows 500k+ videos plotted against views. The x-axis is duration and y-axis shows views.

video marketing data scatterplot

2 - Not too short.

There's something about 0:55 secs

To our surprise, the data also revealed that videos longer than 55 seconds performed better than those below. Our intutition is that people like you are smart. They are interested in substance, and it's hard to convey anything substantial in a twenty-second video.

55 seconds

3 - Get to the point. Quickly.

There's something about 0:09 secs

The first drop-off happens at the 9-seconds mark. That's how long people take to make a snap judgement on the value of the video. This is another reason to minimize introductory special effects, animations or housekeeping. Give people something valuable faster.

people lose interest in nine seconds

4 - Thumbnails

Like a book cover. They win.

An attractive thumbnail increases the odds of being clicked. For B2B/informational videos, we recommend a hack. Just create a good looking slide with the title of the video boldly written over a nice background. That'll do the trick.

thumbnails increase video engagement

5 - Closed Captioning

Make it (socially) accessible

Most videos on social begin their auto-play life with sound off. People might read the CC for a few seconds before deciding to click on the play button. Making videos available with CC for those who are differently-abled is the responsible thing to do. Instead of fiddling with scary SRT files, you can now use tools that automatically embed CC on videos.

closed captioning increases video engagement

6 - Uberization of Video

People watch during Uber rides (or Starbucks drive-through lines)

The Wall Street Journal reports that people watch videos in bursts of 6.5 mins throughout the day. They might pack in three, 2-min videos or a mini-episode of their favorite distraction. Or a whopping 26 TikTok videos.

Make your videos snackable so people can consume them while sipping their coffee.

people watch videos in short bursts

7 - Record once. Repurpose.

Multiply the impact by repurposing in different avatars.

Whether it's a webinar, presentation or interview, the recordings can be repurposed in different formats for different channels.

Repurposing is not a new idea but but it took a lot of time, energy, and money (if hiring an agency) till recently. It made it to the trend list because for the first-time ever, AI-driven software now makes it possible for non-video professionals to repurpose videos quickly & easily.

repurposing videos leads to higher roi


Make it Snackable

Whether you use software like Parmonic or do it yourself, snackifying videos makes them easier to consume & increases engagement by 7x to 30x.

Make it Substantive

People are busy & distracted. They tune out videos that feel like ads. Give your audience valuable, bite-sized knowledge about your brand/products.

Make it Omnichannel

No single channel wins. Make your content available across web, social, email, mobile. Let people consume on their own terms.

Do it Quickly & Consistently

The world is moving fast. Get that content out faster. Do it consistently. Read Atomic Habits for inspiration.

Quoted in: InformationWeek

This research was quoted in the InformationWeek article titled
'When Shorter Video Means Engaging Customers Longer', November 2019.

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